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Why is skin and urological prevention important?

The reason for prevention is to prevent diseases or to detect them at an early stage, which significantly increases the chances of complete recovery. Everyone should undergo preventive check-ups, even if they have no health problems at all. Many of us undergo regular preventive examinations at general practitioners' offices, which are focused on cardiovascular disease. However, specialized urological and dermatological preventive examinations go beyond the possibilities of ordinary prevention in a general practitioner's office. Our goal is to improve preventive care in urology and dermatology, given the constant increase in oncological diseases in these specialized fields.

Urological tumors are among the most common in the male population, especially prostate cancer. Early detection is crucial for further health and quality of life. In most cases, these diseases do not show any symptoms in their early stages, and therefore, it is necessary to perform examinations that can detect them in time. Men should undergo preventive prostate examinations from the age of 45. In the case of a family history of early prostate or breast tumors, they should undergo examinations already around the age of 40. In younger men, there is a higher risk of testicular cancer.

Skin tumors are one of the most common in the population. Melanoma is one of the most aggressive skin tumors. It can manifest as a small spot on the skin that may look very inconspicuous to a layman. The risk of moles and various spots on the skin should be assessed by an experienced dermatologist using a dermatoscope. A significant step forward is digital dermatoscopes, which digitize enlarged images of moles. The doctor can assess the structure of the mole very accurately and indicate its removal in time.

Prevention services

What we offer

  • digital dermatoscope examination

  • 45 min

  • a proposal for the next procedure, including the possibility of removal

  • archiving images for long-term follow-up

  • interview with a doctor, physical examination

  • Ultrasound examination of the kidneys, bladder, prostate and testicles

  • a proposal for further action

  • interview with a doctor, physical examination

  • ultrasound of kidneys, bladder, prostate

  • urea, creatinin, PSA, urine

  • a proposal for further action

  • thorough whole body examination of moles with digital dermatoscope 

  • oncourology examination comprising ultrasound exam of kidneys, bladder and prostate + lab exams - urea, creatinine, PSA, fPSA, urine

How does the preventive examination proceed?

  • During skin prevention the doctor will thoroughly examine the skin on your entire body, examine moles with digital dermatoscope and archives the images for comparison for future inspections. She will discuss the findings with you and give further recommendations.  In case of suspicious moles, the doctor will offer their removal.

  • During urological prevention the doctor will talk to you about your health condition, perform a physical examination, ultrasound of the kidneys, bladder and prostate, and testicular ultrasound (in younger men). Blood samples will be taken for kidney parameters (urea, creatinine), PSA, fPSA - markers for prostate cancer and a chemical examination of urine and urine sediment (prevention over 40 years old). After receiving the results, the doctor will telephone the results to the client, or send a message by email with a comment on the results and a proposal for the next procedure, or further checks. 

How much does the examination cost?

  • The preventive examination by a specialist in urology or dermatology is not covered by public health insurance in the Czech Republic. Some health insurance companies contribute to preventive examinations as part of their benefit programs. For more information, visit our blog.

How to make an appointment for prevention?

  • You can reserve skin and urological prevention online by clicking the service above, where you choose a date that suits you and pay for the examination. You can also use some of our offered prepaid packages or gift vouchers (to be purchased here) to pay.

  • If you cannot find a suitable appointment, contact the doctor by email according to the expertise you need, or through our contact form

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