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  • We are a practice that provides care for the entire spectrum of skin diseases.

  • Our specialization is mainly the diagnosis and prevention of skin tumors.

  • We have a fully equipped dermatosurgical room, with an established operating program to remove skin lesions.

  • We are equipped with the latest technologies in the field of dermatology to examine pigment spots.

What we offer

  • Examination of pigment spots - includes a thorough skin examination focusing on the prevention of skin tumors using digital epiluminescence video dermatoscopy.

  • Skin surgeries under local anesthesia to remove the entire spectrum of skin lesions, including histological examination in case of indication.

  • Laser procedures for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of various types of eczema, acne, rosacea, infectious diseases of the skin and nails, autoimmune diseases.


When to see a dermatologist

  • Preventive skin examination usually once a year, especially in people of light phototype, with a large number of spots, a family history of melanoma, high intermittent exposure to UV radiation, on immunosuppressive treatment, cancer patients.

  • Skin lesions of various appearances, especially those that have formed newly, do not disappear and do not heal.

  • Skin problems that do not subside during routine skin care.

  • Patients at risk for sexually transmitted diseases, usually after risky sexual intercourse. Discharge, skin and mucous membrane manifestations, pelvic pain and others may occur.

Why prevention is important

The most feared skin tumor is undoubtedly malignant melanoma . It is one of the tumors with the fastest growing incidence, which is also constantly increasing. People with a light phototype, with a high number of spots, a family history of melanoma and people overexposed to UV radiation are particularly at risk. Every skin sunburn, especially in childhood, increases the risk of skin tumors in the future. The basis of successful treatment of malignant melanoma is its early detection and surgical removal. Dermatooncological examination cannot be replaced by a telephone conversation or a photo. In addition to the medical history and clinical examination, the dermatologist also analyzes the amount of dermatoscopic image information, which is an interplay of certain diagnostic algorithms and requires many years of doctor's practice and the patient's presence during the examination. Based on our experience, we can state that often the patient comes for examination with a completely benign lesion that worries him, and conversely, lesions that are high-risk are considered safe, or usually do not even know about them.


What is dermatoscopy

Dermatoscopy is a non-invasive instrumental examination method that allows us to visualize structures that cannot be seen with the naked eye. In some cases, we use digital dermatoscopy , including state-of-the-art software that allows us to mathematically analyze, share and compare acquired data and take advantage of telemedicine.