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We are certified doctors in the fields of urology and dermatovenerology. We provide comprehensive outpatient urological and dermatological care at the highest level, including outpatient operations. We are based in Prague.

  • ATTENTION!!! Change in the possibility of contacting the urology practice

    • due to organizational changes, the time for contacting the urology practice by phone is temporarily limited​

      • appointment booking Wednesday 12-17, Friday 8.30-14.30​

        consultation of results- Mon 15.20-16.00, Tue 15.00-15.45, Wed 17.30-18.00, Thu 15.00-15.30, Fri 14.30-15.00

      • if you need to send a recipe, use the option to contact us via for appointment booking!!)

      • Appointment bookings for new urology patients can also be made via online ordering on our website

  • We offer the possibility to make an appointment for urology at a preferred date outside working hours (only available online, not possible by phone or email)

  • From August 1, 2022, based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, we are introducing mandatory wearing of respirators FFP2  without an exhalation valve in our office


Important warning

  • If you are unable to attend the scheduled examination, let us know by email, SMS or telephone at least one day in advance.

  • If you do not show up for the scheduled examination and do not apologize in advance without good reason, do not come to us again.

Contractual health insurrance partners:

111  - VZP (since 1.1.2021 - urology only)

201 - VoZP (since 1.1.2021 - urology only)

205 - ČZPZ (urology only)

207 - OZP

209 - ZPŠkoda

211 - ZP MV ČR

213 - RBP

We also take care of private clients. 

UroDerm Medical

We want to provide the highest quality services in both fields on the basis of long-term acquired knowledge in clinical departments, where we have repeatedly participated in clinical and research activities. Our practices are equipped with the new devices . At the same time, our advantage is the ability to communicate with clients clearly and empathetically .

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Our successes

  • 1st place in the competition of the Czech Urological Society for the best scientific publication in 2013 published in the journal with the Impact Factor

  • 3rd place for the best poster presentation on oncology within the Central European Meeting, which took place in 2017 in Pilsen. The poster was then actively presented the following year at the Congress of the European Association of Urology in Copenhagen.

  • 2nd place - Czech-Slovak Dermatology Journal Award for the best publication in 2018

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 We work with the high-end Philips ultrasound device, urodynamic apparatus including uroflowmetry, and flexible cystoscope. We use the video dermatoscopy in the dermatology practice with the possibility of comparing the development of skin conditions over time. We also have a fully equipped operation room with the possibility of performing laser and smaller dermatosurgical, aesthetic and urological procedures.

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