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Client section

For whom is the Client Section intended?

What do we offer in the Client Section?

  1. Request for a prescription - fill out the relevant form, provide the name and usual dosage.

  2. Scheduling a doctor's visit - you have access to a calendar with an overview of available dates, fill out the form, and after submission and processing by the doctor, the system will send you feedback on the specified order to your email. You can cancel such an order no later than the day before.

  3. Overview of appointment dates - you can monitor a schedule of your future visits to the clinic.

  4. Sending a message - you can send information about ongoing treatment, inquiries, or apologies for a planned visit to the doctor.

  5. Sending a document for filing in the record - you can send a PDF document or an image (e.g., a report from a specialist examination, etc.) to the clinic. The doctor can quickly send you a brief response.

  6. You can track the processing of your requests, and you will be notified by email once they are processed.

How to register/log in?

  • Upon the first access to the system, choose "New Registration or Forgotten Password," fill in your email, agree to the terms, and click on Register. The system will guide you through the next steps. This way, you will create your login credentials. For subsequent logins, enter your email and chosen password directly into the login screen.


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