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“ A: The value you are printing from is the text data, which will include the new line characters, which causes the new line characters to be printed. You can strip the new line characters from the text data by using the -replace operator, like so: $Ret = "$($Ret.Replace(" ","").Replace(" ",""))" Of course, if you want to replace the line breaks in addition to the carriage returns and new lines, you would need to use -replace with multiple regex expressions, like so: $Ret = "$($Ret.Replace(" ","").Replace(" ","").Replace(" ",""))" I've included the carriage return in the replace because that was the only one present on your example. It wouldn't hurt to remove any carriage returns you don't want. We recently have added a powerful new feature to the Service Portal: UI Extension. Using this feature, you can easily create your own web page for your service, and then assign it to a widget on the Portal. Service Widgets are new features that allow you to add standard and custom web pages to the Portal. You can assign widgets to the top of the Portal, on the left or right side, and even to the bottom. By assigning a widget to the top of the Portal, the web pages created on the Portal for your service will appear in the main sections of the Portal. You can also assign widgets to the top of the Portal, or to the side or bottom, to display a secondary Web page. For example, you can assign a homepage for your Service to the top of the Portal. This homepage will be displayed on all Portal pages that display your services._ = require 'underscore' _ = require 'underscore-plus' module.exports = select: (method, args, cb) -> args = (item) -> item.value = item.value.trim() item.stringified = _.isString(item.value) item for key, value of args item[key] = _.isPlainObject(value)? value : value.value if method.toLowerCase() is'selection

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Stratosmicra25software16 [EXCLUSIVE]

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