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The trial version should be enough to get you started. Learn how to animate objects with keyframes It’s hard to create organic motion in a computer-generated scene. But with this knowledge, you can easily add animator’s magic to your scene. The best way to do it is to use keyframes—points in your animation that, when reached, cause an object to change direction. At your disposal, you have five keyframes—and a lot of options to control them. In this tutorial, you’ll learn: How to work with keyframes How to assign different colors to different objects How to make an entire piece of animation This tutorial assumes you have basic knowledge of 3ds Max. It's assumed that you've already bought a 3ds Max subscription. You can buy 3ds Max at the Autodesk store. You can also buy a 3ds Max subscription from a reseller. Create a basic 3D scene To make the tutorial easier to follow, you'll start with a simple scene. It contains just a box, a plane, and a light. Step 1: Create a new scene The best way to create a simple 3D scene is to start with an empty 3ds Max workspace. Choose Window > New Scene. In the new scene, create a cube by double-clicking the box tool (Figure 1). Use the box tool to make it exactly the size you want. Figure 1: Cube To make the scene easier to work with, turn off the scale mode. In the right panel, click on the “Local” option and choose “Fixed.” Next, you need to add objects to the scene. Start by adding a plane to the scene. Click the plane tool (Figure 2) to make a plane that’s exactly the size you want. Figure 2: Plane Create a light by using the spotlight tool (Figure 3). Click the spot and then drag it until it’s positioned where you want it to be. This will create a spotlight that’s exactly the size you want. Figure 3: Light Step 2: Start with the simplest objects



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3ds Max 2018 Torrent wayiman

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