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For example, how would you make a car shoot over a bump and land on the other side? Add this rule to the rules file: The simulation is paused when you press *any* key except Z (on the keyboard) or X (on the console) or [C]. You may press Z to return to the main menu. Since FlatOut 2 is using separate tracks for each car, you can also setup different controllable vehicles (such as trams or buses) that can be controlled differently than the cars. For example, a tram can stop on its own, while the car stops when you drive into a stop sign. To create a "tram" class, you would create a new class and drag the tram objects onto it. All tram objects will be displayed by default on the "trams" track (to the right of the car track). You can use rules to control the behavior of each object (that is, the tram). For example, if a tram object gets closer to a bus, then the tram should be forced to stop, rather than be allowed to plow through the bus. Rules are discussed in the video tutorials. You can move objects by holding the right mouse button and dragging the object. Or, you can move the selected object with the arrow keys on the keyboard. On a gamepad, move left, right and up with arrow keys or right click to move down. Note: Moving objects in the game are slow. You will appreciate this more once you start playing the game. FlatOut 2 makes it easy to perform drifts and slide-outs. You can even set a curve for the game. The directions that I provide below are for a gamepad (JOY2 or H+ in case of a joystick). However, they apply to keyboard and mouse also. (The directions are also for a car on a 1-1 track. Of course, the directions do not work for buses or trains, and *should* not be used for other classes of vehicles.) There are two kinds of slides and drifts in FlatOut 2. Most vehicles in FlatOut 2 have slide-outs that enable you to perform slides. For example, if you slide a car on an L-shape road, then you can perform a slide-out on the right. You can perform a slide with the *slide* button or by holding the *shift* key on a keyboard




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Download Flatout 2 For Free Full Version

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